Heart-Mind Well-Being Workshops

The Heart-Mind Workshop aims to build capacity in organizations and communities to promote the Heart-Mind well-being of children and youth. Since 2014, the workshop has been presented to dozens of organizations in British Columbia, and demand for the workshops has grown steadily.

The Heart-Mind Workshop presents the science behind the Heart-Mind well-being framework, and introduces participants to the five positive human qualities that promote Heart-Mind well-being: secure and calm, alert and engaged, gets along with others, compassionate and kind, and solves problems peacefully. We discuss practical strategies for promoting Heart-Mind well-being in children and youth, and demonstrate how the learning resources and activities at Heart-Mind Online can be used in a variety of different learning environments.

The Heart-Mind Workshop is inquiry based, evidence informed, and helps promote systemic change in all organizations serving children and youth. Workshops and training are aligned with the province of British Columbia's new curriculum framework, and will appeal to multisectoral stakeholders working in early childhood, education, social service, health, sports and recreation, and family services.

In May 2016, the Dalai Lama Center trained our first cohort of Heart-Mind Workshop Facilitators. With the support of the United Way of the Lower Mainland, we trained ten accomplished professionals from Metro Vancouver and beyond. This initiative helps to meet the growing demand for the workshops from educators, parents and community service providers, and enables us to increase its accessibility and reach in British Columbia.

Our Heart-Mind Workshop Facilitators are now offering full or half-day workshops in British Columbia. Contact us at info@dalailamacenter.org or call our office at 1-604-215-2352 for more information on booking a Heart-Mind Workshop for your group or organization.